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100% Authentic Italian Gelato

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Ciccarelli Vintage Van & que

Our Business

Ciccarelli is a true family business ran with passion, integrity and always producing a high quality, authentic products.

Ciccarelli Artisan Gelato and Sorbet are made fresh on the premises in our gelateria as well as our Northumberland production unit for wholesale. A dedicated team of artisan gelato creators are always perfecting their skills and products to provide only the best for our customers.

We make our gelato, using only the finest ingredients sourced from Italy and with fresh cream and whole milk from the local dairy.

We supply our gelato to local business throughout the North East of England. Our products are available direct from ourselves or through Bidfood.

Our extensive range of gelato and sorbet are available in a variety of flavours from the traditional Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry, to dessert inspired flavours such as Sticky Toffee Fudge, Cookie and Cream as well as seasonal and bespoke flavours that can be created specifically for the needs of your clientele.

Not only do we cover a broad range of flavours we can also supply the gelato and sorbet in a variety of serving styles. From 120ml individual tubs, to 5Ltr containers, ideal for scooping counters. All of our 5Ltr gelato tubs come with a hand designed artisan topping, keeping your counter attractive and inviting to customers.

As well as suppling to restaurants, dessert cafes and tourist attractions across the North East. Ciccarelli also has it very own vintage ice cream van available to hire for large events or special occasions. To add that something special which your guests will not forget.


We have achieved fantastic accolades from the Ice Cream Alliance (ICA) at National Ice Cream Competitions which include numerous Silver Cups, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals as well as Diplomas of Excellence and Merits for our gelato and sorbet.

In 2017 Ciccarelli Artisan Gelato won silver cup 1st place trophy for Rum & Raisin in the National Ice Cream Competition. As well as 2nd place Silver medal for Tiramisu and several other Diploma of merit͛s for various flavour categories.

Watch out on the homepage for updates on future competitions and flavour entries.

In 2015 Ciccarelli achieved our SALSA (Safe And Local Supplier Approval) accreditation and are proud to work alongside the SALSA Food Standards each year, ensuring our high standards are maintained.